Cheryl Davison


Cheryl Davison of Central Tilba, known for her exquisite paintings of her cultural landscape, will present, through her art and storytelling, her personal understanding of some of the stories handed down and shared over generations.

Cheryl Davison is a leading artist from the far South Coast NSW. Her mother's family are Walbunja people from Eurobodalla and the Ngarigo people in the Snowy Mountains region. Her family is deeply connected to the Wallaga Lake Aboriginal community. 

Cheryl has inherited cultural knowledge from her family and is a recognised artist and cultural teacher on the South Coast region, exhibiting nationally and


This suite of works captures a number of important South Coast creation narratives and family stories which have been passed down to Cheryl. Much of Cheryl’s knowledge comes from the elders in her community and her own personal interpretation of these stories.

'Gulaga', an ancestral mother, is one of the most important creation stories that Cheryl paints. It belongs to the Yuin people of the South Coast. Gulaga laying in the landscape was known as Mount Dromedary.

Cheryl’s work is in major art collections such as the National Gallery of Australia, NSW Art Gallery, Wollongong City Gallery and many private collections both national and internationally.